Emily Berheide

M.Ed., OT/L

Talent Discovery Specialist/Parent Coach

Welcome, I’m so glad you are here. I’m Emily Berheide, a talent discovery specialist and parent coach

My passion is helping youth discover their true potential. I work with a wide spectrum of youth from those who have disabilities and social emotional challenges to typically developing teens. The foundation of all of my work is that every person is a unique being and has something valuable to contribute to their community and world. We work together to find what that is and how they can use their natural talents out in the real world.

I also love being a resource to parents. My parent coaching gives parents access to enjoying their children more, releasing worries and struggle and being able to appreciate their children for the amazing, unique beings who they are.

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Our Vision

Appreciating the unique, special being who every child is.

Discovering together their natural talents,
interests, and dreams for the future.


    Stories and Inspiration



    What if as parents and teachers, we invested our time in finding our children’s innate abilities and natural talents instead of detecting their problems? Every child has a place in which they are in their “element.” A place in which things come easily for them and they are in a state of flow. When we […]



    How do we separate ourselves from judging our child by what shows up on their report card or what their teachers say about them? How do we see our child’s true potential, even if they’re failing tests or struggling in school? How do we see our child’s true potential even when they are doing well […]


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    How do clients pay for your services? +

    My services are generally payed for through self-pay, DDS or DESE wrap-around funding or school funding.

    How much do you charge? +

    My rates vary depending on the service I am providing. My goal is that my services are accessible to anyone who wants them. Please contact me to find out more.

    What are other resources do you recommend? +

    Beautiful Justice TEDx – Beth Mount


    Beth Mount – artist, creator, advocate – reminds us that in our very DNA, EVERYONE has a gift to offer, and a purpose – and our job is to LISTEN for that gift, discover the purpose and find a place in the community where it can be given.

    Life is your talents discovered – Sir Ken Robinson – TEDx Liverpool


    Finding Your Element – Sir Ken Robinson


    In Finding Your Element, author and educator, Sir Ken Robinson, offers viewers a guide to finding and being in their element. He provides basic principles and tools to help guide them to do the work they enjoy with a sense of contentment and purpose.